Clean and Pure Water

We have been providing the best water filter and water softener in the Calgary area since 1990. In recent years we have been offering full range of water treatment solutions to residences, businesses, and industry.  Our product line includes every type of water treatment, from reverse osmosis water filter system and specialized filters like chlorine filters to UV water treatment systems  and other residential, commercial, and industrial water purification systems.  We will provide, free of charge, consultation based on water analysis and customer needs.  If you are looking to change the characteristics of your water because of safety, efficiency, or preference, we can help.  Our product catalog is currently in a development stage, any suggestion you would like to make about it or if you would like to check stock on a certain product, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Water Filter Systems

From simple water sediment filter from 3M water filtration division and GE water filter to RO water filters, we stock them all.  If your product is not in the product catalog, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a estimate and include free delivery within the Calgary area.

Water Softener Systems

We stock a number of brands such as the GE water softener series and Autotrol water softener, now owned by Pentair.  We have metered water softener and even units the use salt so effectively that even less water is consumed during a regeneration.  Don't wait on buying a water softener, give us a call at 403-999-7262 to find out more on how you can have softened water in your home and still protect the environment.

Water Treatment Systems

When you have a surface water or well water source, you need more than just a under counter water filter or a home water softener or both.  If that is the case we offer, free of charge, a water consultation based on the chemical analysis of your water which can be obtained from Alberta Environment, also free of charge.  The kinds of water treatment vary greatly between each analysis, but rest assured we will design the most efficient surface or well water treatment system, with the least amount of maintenance, for the best price.  Call now 403-999-7262. 

AWWOA,Alberta Water and Waste Water Operators Association

CWQA,Canadian Water Quality Association